Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Looking back, many business people find, in their accomplishments, their fondest experiences. In 1993, simon lichtenberg (cliquez pour plus d’info) was running his own company, which ultimately evolved into a furniture business. He entered the timber trade after finishing his schooling in 1992. Simon Lichtenberg acquired his diploma in Chinese language at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg attended Danish Tvind (private) educational institutions before relocating to Africa in his teenage years. In '88 at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, he obtained his diploma in Chinese language. At the Harvard Business School, Tsinghua and CEIBS, he finished the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA - or Executive MBA) in 2006. Simon Lichtenberg has succeeded in his academic efforts and is considered to be a top entrepreneur on the planet currently.

Eight separate countries that he's resided in have blessed Simon Lichtenberg with their unique cultures and have been a factor in him mastering seven diverse languages. Achieving his aim of opening his very own organisation in the heritage-rich land of China verifies that Simon Lichtenberg is blessed with amazing willpower and persistence. Every adept business person is deserving of every single thing they've accomplished through their individual qualities and hard work.

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, a business owner who is from Denmark, set up his own company, having been in the timber business the year before. Becoming a big name is increasingly commonplace in this era. Simon Lichtenberg began to work with other companies (such as IKEA) from other countries, resulting in profits of up to $2.5 million on a yearly basis.

After losing a legal battle concerning a payment dispute after the Zhenjing Leather Factory sold him defective products, Simon Lichtenberg was given another chance to overcome adversity. Becoming a strong person is made possible by facing difficulties head-on, not ignoring them. Simon Lichtenberg is now a success thanks to him handling his difficulties with tremendous determination and skill.

Simon Lichtenberg’s Success in China

A large number business people enjoy starting their organisation in China because the country appears to ensure results in any project. Anything is achievable, and no dream is beyond our reach. All that is called for is a powerful desire and determination. Franchised by Simon Lichtenberg in the year 1993, BoConcept made available stylish household furniture in Shanghai.